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Transitioning and Moving Forward Together

" of my priorities is to further the mission and objectives of BIG and EPA, ... together, helping to protect human health and the environment ...of those who serve and the communities in which they serve."

Helping to protect human health and the environment through equality, advocacy, and excellence of those employees who serve and the communities in which they serve.

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2017-2019 Theme: “Transitioning and Moving Forward Together.”

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Ms. LaShan L. Haynes

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Greetings BIG Members and Colleagues:

First, I pray this message finds each of you and your families healthy, happy, and safe as we collectively navigate this Coronavirus pandemic and what has become an interim “new normal”.

Second, I want to take this opportunity to encourage each of you as you are in quarantine and/or sheltering-in-place. The only way we can eradicate this intrusion is to work together selflessly, and adhere to the mandates, policies, and advisement issued by our federal, state, and local government leaders and the top health professionals. Please know that there’s a bright side to these recent events, and that is it has afforded us all the opportunity to spend quality time with ourselves, our children, and our families, to reflect and reconnect with one another and with what is truly important. It is my hope that during this time, REBUILDING, RECONNECTING, RENEWING, REBIRTHING, RE-ESTABLISHING, and RECOVERY is unleashing in your homes across the country and the globe and that true unconditional love is RESIDING in the midst.

Finally, during this time let the light in you shine through by being of service to one another and checking on your neighbors, particularly the elderly, those who live alone, and lend a helping hand to those in need. It is in serving others you will find the greatest joy. I admonish you to keep the faith as this too shall pass and God’s grace is more than enough to sustain you through these difficult times, and I pray that each of you and your families stay safe and healthy.

In His Grace
LaShan L. Haynes